Great desk snack ideas


How often do you find yourself reaching for the cake on a busy afternoon at your desk? If you work from home, try these healthy snacks – they are easy to make and will help you to avoid those food-related work slumps. Make them ahead and power through those deadlines!

  • No fancy ingredients needed for this healthy roasted chickpea snack – just chickpeas, oil, salt and pepper. Pop them in the oven and you’re good to go. Eat them while they are still hot and enjoy the crunch! (recipe from the The Freelancer’s Cookbook here)roasted chickpea snack
  • This frozen yoghurt bark is absolutely genius – easy to make (even with kids), healthy and almost too pretty to eat. Almost. (photo and recipe from Courtney’s Sweets here)pieces of frozen yoghurt bark
  • These rich blueberry almond energy bars are somehow made with just three ingredients. Yep, and no sugar. They look epic! (photo and recipe from Killing Thyme here)
    energy bars
  • Edamame are a perfect desk snack, with no chopping or cooking required just eat as they are or top with a little salt or chilli. YUM. (find more on where to buy and how to eat on The Freelancer’s Cookbook here)
    soya beans in a bowl
  • How lush does this popcorn trail mix look?! Ok, maybe not the healthiest option here with the chocolate, but there are raisins underneath that… which totally counts as a portion of fruit, right? (photo and recipe from Looney for food here)bowl of trail mix with popcorn
  • These peanut butter protein balls are packed with energy, helping to fuel your working day. They are easy to make and don’t require baking. There are even some sneaky superfoods hidden inside. (photo and recipe from Veggie Inspired here)
    protein balss and milk on a table
  • This frozen yoghurt needs just three ingredients and a blender, giving you a quick healthy summer berry treat in minutes! (recipe and photo from The Freelancer’s Cookbook here)
    frozen berries yogurt with amaretti biscuit
  • Munch your way through these oven baked sweet potato chips. The perfect balance of sweet, salty and crunch. They are perfect for kids lunch boxes too! (photo and recipe from Living Sweet Moments here)baked-sweet-potato-chips-recipe-1

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roasted chickpeas and frozen yoghurt


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