Best work-from-home lunches

Are you always resorting to dry toast for lunch when you work from home? Or a bit of cheese from the back of the fridge? You’re not alone.

A lot of freelancers or people who work from home find it hard to prioritize cooking when there’s work to be done. But, all is not lost. Here are 14 super quick and easy recipes to help you out.

  1. Hot smoked salmon & bean tagliatelle: Quick, easy and bursting with flavour – this takes no time at all, especially when using fresh pasta. And it sneakily contains 3 portions of vegetables… (via The Freelancer’s Cookbook)
    bowl with tagliatelle salmon and beans
  2. Hummus salad pizza: Always eating hummus and pitta bread for lunch? Here’s a great twist on the classic combo. It’s vegan too! (via Lauren Caris Cooks)
    hummus pizza with avocado and rocket
  3. Ricotta toasts: Alright, alright – this one does involve toast, but at least it is healthy, Instagram-able toast. Go on, make it and take a picture. You know you want to. (via This Healthy Table)
    two slices of toast with healthy toppings
  4. Homemade instant noodle soup: This colourful, Pinterest-worthy lunch is much more satisfying than shop-brought instant pot noodles, as well as being better for you too. You can make it ahead of time and just pour in hot water when you’re ready to eat! (via The Freelancer’s Cookbook)
    instant noodle soup in a mason jar
  5. Honey ham, gouda and apple quesadillas: It sounds weird, but this is oh so good… and as promised, super quick and easy. A perfect freelancer’s lunch. (via Simple Seasonal)
    slices of ham gouda apple quesadillas
  6.  Black bean taco bowl: Totally on trend – an easy, healthy taco bowl. So many veggies too! (via Umami Girl)
    taco bowl with avocado, beans and sweetcorn
  7. Gnocchi with feta, spinach and peas: This recipe requires absolutely no chopping at all, plus uses ingredients with a good shelf life – making it a great meal to cook when you’re low on time as well as groceries. (It’s super tasty too). (via The Freelancer’s Cookbook)
    bowl with gnocchi spinach feta and peas
  8. Easy Mediterranean chicken wraps: Who can resist these – super easy to make and absolutely bursting with flavour! (via Coffee and Crayons)lunch wraps with chicken, salad olives and feta
  9. Five minute quinoa salad: You don’t need to be a hipster to eat quinoa for lunch – all you need is just 5 minutes and 6 ingredients… (via Contendness Cooking)
    Bowls containing quinoa, nuts and raisins
  10. Tuna pizza bagel: Super quick and easy – just add your toppings and pop it under the grill. (via The Freelancer’s Cookbook)
    plate with tuna, mozzarella, onion and pepper bagel
  11. Easy Chipotle Shrimp Taco: Get on facebook and gloat to your office-dwelling friends… it’s (super quick) shrimp tacos for lunch! (via Lively Table)
    shrip on tacos with lime and coriander
  12. Mediterranean Omelette: The list wouldn’t be complete without a quick and easy omelette, and this one’s an absolute corker. (via Closet Cooking)
    pan with tomato olive and artichoke omelette

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    Quick work from home lunches